I get excited about efficient coding solutions and UI design that makes sense. I also enjoy abstracting any thing or situation to its nucleus and I am in favour of a more open web.

The straight forward intention of this document is to sell its publisher's services and knowledge under reasonable conditions and to form a mostly accurate image of the writer's personality in a written way. For a more personal interaction please don't hesitate to write an email. – Thank you!

Field of Expertise

Front end Responsive Design (mobile first), HTML5, CSS (twitter-bootstrap, sass, less), JavaScript (jQuery, CoffeeScript)
Back end WordPress, Drupal; Templating for Ruby on Rails Apps: ERB, Haml & Slim
Design Efficient target-group-specific designs, cross-platform/device, with Adobe CS
Collaboration Five years of team work, team leading experience
Consulting Five years, roughly 150 clients, all sorts of small to middle-sized businesses
Environment Mac OS, Sublime Text, Git, CodeKit, Transmit

What I am doing right now

September 2012 Front end for SanKyu
August 2012 Diving into Ruby on Rails, Front end work for a1m
June/July 2012 Front end development for the company a1m in Berlin
May 2012 At the moment I am supporting the Mighty Deer UG developing a cross-platform browser game.

Glorifying myself

Since my first steps in web design (which only my wife is entitled to have a glance at) I have come a long way: after school I went through a basic, overall media education at the SAE, followed by a 2-year specialisation in Audio Engineering at the same institute. Since Audio Engineering turned out to be more of a professionally executed hobby, I decided to give another field of interest of mine more professional attention and a solid knowledge foundation: Le web design.

In 2009 I finished my apprenticeship in Media Design at a large national web design agency, where I had been working directly with clients and their websites from the almost very start in 2007.

After the apprenticeship had ended I stayed with the same company for another two years collecting experiences as Coding Supporter, Best Practicer and Typeface Adviser. I also organised and held workshops besides dealing with my own projects and clients, and for the last year taking care of my own little five-unit-team.

In the beginning of 2012 after five years at my former company I felt it was time for some new experiences. So I decided to go freelance and to extend my horizons – literally.

Where else to find Jonas

twitter I barely tweet but when I do, I do.
GitHub Not much yet but it's a start.